Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The Young family is so sweet. You can feel the love in this family without a doubt. Little man attended the preschool that I worked at and before I moved to Denver, we had one last photo shoot with the family at Torrey Pines beach in San Diego, California.

Magic hour on the beach is such a magical time for portraits. The light is warm and it mirrors the way I feel when I am around this family. Thank you Evans family for all of your support through the years. I hope that I can come back and make some more memories with you again soon!

Megan Elvrum is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado but loves to travel. She lives for coffee, candid moments, and bringing out your personality. Her style is candid, bright and joyful. She believes in chasing your dreams, loving life and most importantly: capturing special moments that show who you really are, over posed photographs. Though one might pop in from time to time!