Sunday, January 21, 2018


It was a pleasure to work with the local Denver,  Colorado start up Sheets & Giggles to photograph branding photography for their Indiegogo campaign. Over 1,000% funded, S&G is taking the bedding industry by storm. Just look at the hilarity of these photographs. It is clear that S&G isn't taking themselves too seriously! 

The world's first entirely pun-based enterprise, Sheets & Giggles is a new brand of sustainable bedding that focuses on driving as much value to our community as possible. That includes insanely soft, sustainable bedding made from eucalyptus trees; prices that poke a finger into big box retail's eye; treating our customers like actual human beings (we buy stuff, too); regular donations of bedding to homeless shelters; and occasionally free pizza for like, no reason.

Megan Elvrum is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado but loves to travel. She lives for coffee, candid moments, and bringing out your personality. Her style is candid, bright and joyful. She believes in chasing your dreams, loving life and most importantly: capturing special moments that showcase who you really are, over posed photographs. Though one might pop in from time to time!

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