Sunday, May 6, 2018


I was so excited to travel to Minneapolis for the first time to attend my best friend's bridal shower. As my gift to her I photographed the shower. Even this cute sneak peak of her in the hotel getting ready! I love getting sneaky shots! Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

The bridal shower was held in Minneapolis and thrown by her amazing best friends from college. It was a lovely weekend of exploring, showering Liz and love! Minneapolis is such a fun city. It was also a great reunion for us girls who had just come back from Liz' bachelorette party in March and a kick off to her wedding in Italy!

I was there the day Liz met her now fiancĂ©, and through the entire relationship. It is so exciting to see your best friend so happy. Congratulations Liz!

Megan Elvrum is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado but loves to travel. She lives for coffee, candid moments, and bringing out your personality. Her style is candid, bright and joyful. She believes in chasing your dreams, loving life and most importantly: capturing special moments that show who you really are, over posed photographs. Though one might pop in from time to time!