Thursday, January 18, 2018


I've been lucky enough to get to know the great people at the Denver Petroleum Club for the past two and half years while I was at my past job. So when I was asked to do my very first event for them solo, I was excited for a chance to see some great familiar faces again. 

Bright and early this morning, the members of the Denver Petroleum Club met at the Denver Athletic Club for a gorgeous breakfast and a speaker. I really like that the DPC invites their members to network, enjoy a good meal and learn. I think learning is so important. We should always keep learning!

Megan Elvrum is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado but loves to travel. She lives for coffee, candid moments, and bringing out your personality. Her style is candid, bright and joyful. She believes in chasing your dreams, loving life and most importantly: capturing special moments that showcase who you really are, over posed photographs. Though one might pop in from time to time!

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